Terms and Conditions Ba Ba Back (Bebas Bagi Cashback) Promo

Introducing: Ba Ba Back Promo (Bebas Bagi Cashback)

Don’t miss the chance to get a GoPay Cashback Support of up to Rp 5,000,000 with every purchase of Moka’s annual subscription. With the GoPay Cashback Support that you receive, you will be able to give a GoPay Cashback Promo to your customers.


How can I get this promo?

  1. Contact Moka Team at 1 500 970 and express your interest to join the “Ba Ba Back” promo
  2. Or you can also contact our Sales Team through WhatsApp (+62 811-1168-999), expressing your interest to join the “Ba Ba Back” promo
  3. Our Sales Team will further assist you to join the “Ba Ba Back” promo

General Terms and Conditions:

  • This program only valid for business operating in Indonesia
  • This program is valid for merchant who are annually subscribing with a normal subscription price; valid for all available payment methods
  • This program can’t be combined with other ongoing offering / promotion / and discounts
  • This program required merchants to activate a Moka-integrated GoPay account once subscription has started
  • Moka has the right to change the terms and conditions without any prior notifications

*For merchants planning to open 5 outlets or more, additional discounts may be considered.

GoPay Cashback Terms and Conditions:

  • Maximum GoPay Cashback Support that will be given is up to Rp 5,000,000 per merchant throughout the three-months period. This is equivalent to around 250 transactions.
  • With the GoPay Cashback Support, you will be able to give up to Rp 20,000 GoPay cashback to your customer with a minimum purchase of Rp 20,000
  • Maximum 1 cashback per customer per month

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How can I activate my GoPay?

  1. You can activate your GoPay by completing a GoPay registration form here.
  2. You will be required to submit several documents such as KTP, NPWP, Akta Pendirian Usaha, SK Hukum, HAM, SIUP, TDP, etc.
  3. If you are having difficulties in completing the form, you can contact our Sales Team for assistance
  4. Once registration form is completed, it will take 7-10 business days to process your application and have it approved.

How can I give GoPay Cashback to my customers?

  1. Once your GoPay application is approved and your GoPay is activated, you can start giving your GoPay Cashback starting every 1st or 15th every month.
        1. If your Moka POS and GoPay are activated between the 21st and 5th, you can start giving GoPay cashback on the 15th
        2. If your Moka POS and GoPay are activated between the 6th and 20th, you can start giving GoPay cashback on the 1st of the next month
        3. If you wish to start the campaign at a later date, you can inform your respective Sales agent
  2. To help your customer know that a GoPay Cashback promo is currently running, we will provide you with a promotion material in a form of tent card. This promotion material should be received in 10-20 days after the 5th or the 20th every month.
  3. Once your GoPay Cashback promotion campaign starts, you can give GoPay promo to your customers within the next 3 months from the starting date.

What if my GoPay application is rejected?

  • You will receive a notification email once your GoPay application is being rejected
  • Your respective Sales agent will also notify you once your GoPay application is being rejected
  • When this happen to you, you can simply revise and resubmit your application, OR
  • Request for a promo change through our Sales Team within the same month of your Moka POS activation month
  • A promo change can only be done before your GoPay application is approved or after your GoPay application is rejected. There will be no refund given once your GoPay application has been approved.

Why is my GoPay application being rejected?

When your GoPay application is rejected, it is most likely that the provided documents were not complete or did not follow the guidelines. Your respective Sales agent will be assisting you to complete the missing documents, revise the application, and resubmit it for it to be approved.

How can I know how much cashback have I gave?

Unfortunately, there are currently no notifications for you to know how much cashback has been given.

I already have GoPay in a form of Static QR from GoBiz. Will I still be able to apply for GoPay in Moka for this program?

To join this program, GoPay is a form of Dynamic QR (as what is being integrated into Moka) is needed. You can apply for another GoPay wallet through Moka.

I already have GoPay before and have a cashback promo running. If I join this program, will there be 2 cashback promo running?

Yes, if you already have GoPay with a running cashback promo, there will be 2 promos running at the same time.

Is this program open to all types and business categories? 

Yes, this cashback promo is open to all types of merchants, starting from Food and Beverages, Retail, Professional Services, etc.

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