How Customers Order Product via Facebook Shop

Customers can order your online products using Facebook Shop by typing your business online name on the search column or scrolling down to find your online shop from the list of online shops in the website. 

Here are the steps your customers can order via Facebook Shop: 

  1. Open the business profile in the Facebook Shop. 

  2. Click the name or photo of the product you want to purchase.

  3. Tap on View on Website.

  4. You will be directed to the GoStore website to see the description of the product you want to purchase. 

  5. If your selected product has several variation, select the variant on the Pilih Varian column (if your product has several variation). 

  6. Set the amount you want to purchase on the Jumlah column.

  7. If you want to purchase the product, click Tambah ke Keranjang.

  8. Your order will be added to the shopping cart. To settle your payments, click Lihat Keranjang

  9. Click Checkout to continue the payment process.  

  10. Input the delivery details by clicking Pilih Lokasi.

  11. On the Informasi Pengiriman page, fill in the full name, phone number, and receiver's address on the nama lengkap, nomor handphone, and alamat penerima column.

  12. If all of the delivery details has been filled correctly, click Simpan.

  13. Select the delivery method for the product you want to purchase. 

  14. Ensure that the price for the product and the delivery fees are correct, then, click Bayar Sekarang.

  15. Select the payment method you want to use.

    If you are using Credit Card/Debit Card, input your card numberon the Card Number column, the expiry date of your card on the Expiry Date column, and the cvv (the last three digit located on the back of your card) on the CVV column. Click Continue. Look at the status of your transaction whether it succeed or not, then click Done.

    If you are using Gopay, click Pay now with GoPay. Ensure the amount you are paying are correct. Then, click Confirm & Pay. Input your GoPay PIN.

  16. After finishing the payment, you will be directed back to the GoStore website. 

  17. After confirming your order, you can track your order by clicking Track Order.

  18. Once your order arrived, you can see the status of your order will be marked as completed (Selesai).

    Note: If your order has been marked completed but you have not received it, click Kontak Kami.

  19. If your order is rejected, your customer can see the status of your order will be marked as rejected (Dibatalkan). To request for a refund, click Info Refund.
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