How to Register for GoStore Account

To get started using GoStore, you must have a Moka Account first.

Here are the steps to register for GoStore Account: 

  1. Visit Moka website

  2. Click Coba Gratis Sekarang.


  3. Fill in your personal information and make sure it is current and accurate. Fill in GOSTORE on the referral code field.


  4. Click Sign Up


  5. Fill in the OTP Code to verify your account.


  6. Fill in your business identity and information. Please ensure that you select Retail or Retail F&B for your business type to get the GoStore feature. 


  7. Fill in your KTP and bank account particulars. Make sure that the particulars given are aligned with your personal information for this registration.

    • Your personal information needs to be aligned with your KTP. 
    • The maximum photo size for your KTP upload is 10MB. 
    • Make sure your bank account particulars are aligned with your personal information. The bank account that you registered will be the receiver account for GoStore transactions.

  8. Ensure all the particulars are recent and accurate, then, click Confirm Details.


  9. Check your inbox email for the verification email and your registration process has been completed. 


After completing your registration, you can start preparing for your online store by inputting your item. Learn how to create item here.

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