Frequently Asked Questions About GoStore

  • What is GoStore?
    GoStore is a new online storefront by Moka that enables merchants to create their own online store, which connects to social media to help reach millions of users. Your online store will also have a safe payment gateway and instant courier delivery to ease the incoming order process. 

  • What are the available features in GoStore?
    You will enjoy these features that bring convenience in setting up your own online store, such as: 
    • Smartphone-friendly website/online store for your customers
    • Connect to various social media and millions of its users. 
    • Provide safe payment methods and instant delivery services. 
    • Manage transactions of your online store from multiple platforms in a single dashboard in Moka Backoffice
    • Provide daily sales and stock reports for your online store. 
    • Ensure that your bank account holder name is the same with your name in your identification card. 
      Note: You can change your account holder name after the registration process. Visit ACCOUNT SETTINGS, click Bank Account, tap on your bank information, then edit the name on the Account Holder field. 
  • How to create an online store via GoStore?
    Follow these six steps to create your own online store in GoStore:
    1. Sign up for a Moka account through desktop by filling up this form and use the referral code GoStore.
    2. Add and manage the product you want to sell. 
    3. Select menu Online Channel. 
    4. Click GoStore*
    5. Select the domain for your online shop and fill the required information* 
    6. Your online store is ready to accept the order!*

      * GoStore will be released soon for Moka users. Register your account first here to gain exclusive access and information about this latest platform! 
  • What are the terms and conditions to use GoStore?
    There are several terms and conditions applied in order to use GoStore: 
    • Access the Moka registration form via desktop
    • Use the referral code: GOSTORE
    • GoStore is currently available for Retail and Retail F&B businesses
    • Gostore can operate in an Android device with minimum API 16 (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean), applied to all Android brands.

  • Is it compulsory to have a Moka Account before using GoStore? 
    Yes. GoStore is only accessible on Moka Backoffice. You can learn how to create a Moka account here.

  • When will GoStore be available?
    This platform will be available soon for Moka users. Register your account first here to gain exclusive access and information about this latest platform!
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