Cermati Integration

Cermati is an insurance broker and consultant. Through partnership and integration with Moka, Cermati is offering FLEXAS, a property insurance, to protect your business. 

Cermati integration is available on the App Marketplace. It can be accessed through the backoffice on the APPS menu on the sidebar on the left.

To execute the integration, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to Moka Backoffice.

  2. Once you are logged in, go to the APPS menu.

  3. Select Cermati.

  4. Click Find Out More.

  5. Click Get Started.


  6. Confirm the permission requirement and click Allow.

  7. After clicking Allow, you will be directed to our registration page. Click Request Insurance or scroll down to find the registration form.


  8. After filling in the fields, click Submit.


  9. Lippo Property Insurance will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours.


  10. Open the email from Lippo Property Insurance and click Lindungi Diri Anda Sekarang.


  11. Set your password to sign up to Cermati, where you will pay and gain access to your insurance dashboard.


  12. Hover over your profile avatar and name on top right, and click Order Saya to find your insurance order and payment link.

  13. Click Asuransi on the navigation bar, find your insurance order, and click Bayar.

  14. After your payment is successful, you will get a confirmation email and a copy of your insurance policy in PDF format.


Congratulations! Your business property is now insured and protected.


Learn More Abour Cermati

Click here to learn more about Cermati.

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