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The following are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Moka Capital:

  1. Do I need collateral in my loan/funding application? 
    You do not need to prepare for a collateral, but make sure you have supporting documents that are subject to submission such as: KTP, NPWP, and Family Card. But the documents required by each financial partner may be different, so check prior to applying.

  2. How can I see the status of my loan/funding application?
    You can always check the status of your application via Backoffice, but the Moka Capital team will also provide email updates. You can always contact the Moka Capital via email at or WhatsApp at 081299899970.

  3. My loan/funding application was rejected, can I submit another application?
    You can reapply to a different Moka Capital lending partners. One thing you should always make sure is that your business profile and performance is in line with the financial terms & conditions of the lending partner.

    You can also read more from the article "3 Hal yang Perlu Diperhatikan Saat Mengajukan Modal di Moka Capital" (in Bahasa) that is on the Moka Blog, to learn more about things to look for during your application process.
  4. How long does most loan/funding application after submission?
    • Term Loan (KoinWorks, Modalku, or Taralite): 1-5 working days
    • Credit Line (Jenius): 1-3 working days
    • Equity Crowdfunding (Santara): 1-4 weeks
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