How to Create List of Items Using Excel

You can create list of many items from Microsoft Excel on backoffice with ease. You just need to input your items on Excel and import the file on backoffice. Your items will be registered on Moka application.

To create list of items, you will see two types of import: 

  • Modify item library: This import type functions to add or replace items data that are already registered. 
  • Replace Item library: This import type function to delete all items that are registered and replaced it with a new list that you will upload. 

Notes: Before importing your items, ensure you have done some configuration in your computer's settings. 

For Apple users:

  • Click System Preferences.
  • Click Language & Region.
  • Replace Region to United States.
  • Click Advance.
  • Ensure Grouping (,) and Decimal (.)  

For Windows users:

  • Open Windows menu, then click Control Panel.
  • Click Region.
  • Replace Format to English (United States) and Short date to DD-MM-YYYY.
  • Click OK.

Look at this video tutorial to create list of many items using Excel: 

Here is the steps to import item using Excel in backoffice:

  1. Login to Moka backoffice.

  2. Select menu LIBRARY.

  3. Choose Item Library. 

  4. Click Import/Export, then select Import Items. 


  5. Select Modify Item Library to add new items or replace items that are already registered. 


    If you want to replace previous item data, select Replace Item Library. Then, click Next.


  6. Click Modify.


  7. Press Download Our Template if you do not have item data template. This template will be downloaded in .csv file in your computer. 


  8. Open the file with Microsoft Excel and follow the steps how to fill in the template below: 

    • Column A (Internal ID Variant) will be generated automatically, therefore just leave it blank.  Do not edit the ID that is on the column.


    • Column B (Category) is optional and is applicable if you want to create a category. One category can be used for several items, but the text should should be identical. If you want to change it, you can edit the previous category name and paste the new category name on the previous column. 


    • Column C (SKU) is only applicable if your item have a barcode. SKU is the barcode number listed on your item.

      Click here if you need to input many item barcodes.


    • Column D (Items Name) is compulsory if you want to add a new item. The text (Do Not Edit) means you cannot change the item names that have been uploaded before, but you can add a new row by inputing the item name on a new row.


    • Column E (Variant Name) is optional and is applicable if your item contains several variants. Copy and paste Column B-D on the new row according to the number of the variant, and differentiate the variant name.  


    • Column F (Basic - Price) requires you to insert in numbers only, without any punctuation or currency symbols. (If you want to edit the item price, input the new item price on the same column).


    • If you are not using the Track Stock feature, skip this column. If you want to activate the Track Stock feature, follow these steps:
      • Find In Stock column and fill the number of stock in numbers. 


      • Find Track Stock column and type Yes.


      • Find Track Alert column and type Yes. 


      • Find Stock Alert column and fill in the number of the minimum stock before the stock runs out.


    • If you are not using the Track Cost feature, skip this column.  If you want to activate Track Cost feature, follow these steps: 

      • Find Track Cost column and type Yes


      • Find Cost Amount column and fill in the COGS in numbers without any punctuation or currency symbols.  


  9. Save the item data file. 

  10. Repeat steps 1-7 and click Drop files to upload


  11. Click Upload.

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