How to Print Shift Report

The detail of the summary shift can be printed out as a receipt that can be used as reconcile and settlement report to manager or owner about the transaction during the shift. You can print it out in the middle of the shift or after the shift ended.

Here are the steps to print shift report: 

  1. Open Moka App. 

  2. Select menu SHIFT.

  3. Select History Shift.


  4. To print the summary shift when you are in the middle of the running shift, choose active shift under the Open Shifts.

  5. Tap on Print Active Shift Report button to print the current summary shift.


  6. To print the summary of the ended shift, click the shift you want to print in Closed Shifts.


  7. Tap on Print Summary Shift Report button to print the ended summary shift.


  8. The printed out shift report will be divided into several sections:
    • Outlet Information
      This section contains outlet brief information and shift detail which include shift name, shift date, the total number of sold items, and refunded items.


    • Cash Management
      This section contains all about cash flow (cash in and cash out) during shift.


    • Transaction Detail
      In this section you can find 3 part of information; Sold Items, Refunded Items and all Discounts given during shift.


    • Payment Detail
      The last section of the print shift report is Payment Detail where, you can find all payment summary (include refund transaction) during shift.

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