How to Create Discount

Giving discount to your customers is important to increase sales in your business. You are able to create discounts in numbers or percentage for an item or the entire items in shopping cart.

Here are the steps to create discount:

  1. Login to backoffice Moka

  2. Go to LIBRARY.

  3. Select Discounts.

  4. Click Create Discounts.

  5. Select if you want to create a nominal Rupiah discount or a percentage discount by switching the Rupiah/Percentage toggle button.

  6. Fill in the discount name and amount.

  7. Click Save to save to current outlet or Save to All Outlets to create the discount for all outlets.

    The discount created will appear on Moka apps. On the apps, there are two ways to add discount for your customers which are from the Library Menu and Item Menu.


    Here are the discounts list on the Library Menu:


    Here are the discount lists on the Item Menu:

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