How to Connect Symcode Scanner to Moka App

Barcode scanner helps to speed up the checkout process, especially if you have many items.

Here are the steps to connect Symcode Scanner to your Moka Apps: 

  1. Press the trigger for about 8 seconds to reset the hardware. 


  2. Open the scanner manual book at the page titled Communication Mode Switching.

  3. Scan the barcode in order: 

    • Setup mode 
    • Bluetooth SPP mode
    • Exit mode


  4. Go to the Settings on your device. 

  5. Select Bluetooth and ensure your bluetooth is activated. 

  6. Pair the barcode scanner to your device using bluetooth.

    If your scanner appears on the bluetooth list yet remains unpaired, press Forget This Device and repeat steps 4-5.  

Congratulation! Your Moka App is connected to your barcode scanner.

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