How to Create Purchase Order

Purchase Order (PO) helps you to order your item or ingredients.

Here is the steps to create PO: 

  1. Login to Moka backoffice.

  2. Visit menu INVENTORY.

  3. Select Purchase Order (PO).

  4. Select which outlet and the time range to order for the selected outlet within a selected time range. 


  5. Choose Item Library to order items or Ingredients to order ingredients for your outlet. 


  6. Click Create PO.


  7. Select outlet and supplier to create PO.

    Note: Without selecting any supplier, the PO order supplier status will be marked as No Supplier automatically. 


  8. Click Add Item or Add Ingredients.


  9. Search and select the item or ingredient your want to order.


  10. Fill in the quantity and the price per unit, then click Add.


  11. Cilck Create and Fulfill if your purchase order has been fulfilled or click Create if your order has not been fulfilled yet. 

    Note: By selecting a supplier, Moka will automatically send an email about purchase order details to supplier.
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