How to Activate E-Wallet

Notes: Click here to activate GoPay as it has a different activation process

Watch this video tutorial how to activate e-wallet:

Here is the steps to activate e-wallet: 

  1. Login to backoffice Moka.

  2. Select menu PAYMENTS.

  3. Select Mobile Payments.

  4. Click Activate Mobile Payment

  5. You will be redirected to another page, click Activate Mobile Payments Now.

  6. Choose which your business entity type, then click Next

    Personal: The business run by one individual for his or her benefit.
    Corporate: The business run under a legal entity, operating under state law. 

  7. Insert your business information, such as your business name and the full address. Then, click Next.

    Notes: Please ensure you insert your business full address exactly like the example given on the box because any inaccuracies will prolong the process of your e-wallet activation. 

  8. Insert your personal information, such as the photo of your identification card, name on ID card, and your ID number. Once you have filled all the following information, click Next

  9. Select your bank branch name and your bank account, then click Next.

  10. Recheck the information you have filled out. If all is correct, then click Confirm Details.

  11. Your e-wallet activation submission is completed. Please kindly wait for the next notification.

  12. Try activating your E-Wallet via Moka backoffice right now.

    You can also apply for e-wallet activation via this form. Moka team will process within 3 working days.

    Notes: The activation for each e-wallet is different. Find out the e-wallet activation duration here. 
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