Benefits of Having An Ordering Station

Ordering Station is a common system utilized when your restaurant starts growing. With many orders coming in, the ordering station is ready to help your restaurant.

Here is the benefit of having ordering station in your restaurant:


Increase operational efficiency

Having an ordering stations will help your server and cashier to reduce waiting time needed for inputting orders or processing payment checkout. If your restaurant has 2 iPad, 1 iPad is assigned for the cashier to process payment checkout and the other ons is assigned for the servers to input orders.

Here is the benefits when your restaurant's efficiency increases: 

  1. Reduce the risk of unpaid bills by customers due to long waiting time.

  2. Server do not need to go back and forth to the cashier just to input orders (especially, for restaurants who have more than 1 floor).

  3. Increase customer satisfaction because of shorter waiting time.



Increase employee performance monitoring process


By having ordering station for servers, you can increase the accuracy to monitor your employee performance because the iPad used will login using your server account. 

If server and cashier using the same device, the device will login using the cashier account so your server performance cannot be tracked. For example, the amount of table or customer your server served.


Increase safety and prevent theft


Having iPad for cashier and server can limit what your server performance using Moka application. If your cashier and server are using the same iPad, your server can have cashier access. Therefore, your server can cancel invoice or do a refund that can cause security issues. 


Ideal Employee Access (can be customised according to your restaurant's needs) 








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