GrabJobs Integration

GrabJobs integration is available on the App Marketplace. It can be accessed through the backoffice on the APPS menu on the sidebar.

To execute the integration, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to Moka Backoffice.

  2. Select APPS menu.

  3. Select GrabJobs.

  4. Click Find Out More.

  5. Click Get Started.


  6. Confirm the permission requirement and click Allow.


  7. You will login to the next page automatically.


  8. Once you have login successfully, you will be directed to the GrabJobs dashboard.


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Moka with GrabJobs. 


What is GrabJobs? 

Click here to know what GrabJobs is 


How to Use GrabJobs

How to Upload Job Vacancies on GrabJobs: 

Click here to learn how to upload job vacancies on GrabJobs

How to Setup Interview Bot:

Click here to learn how to setup interview bot

How to Create Shortlist and Setup Interview Schedule:

Click here to create shortlist and setup interview schedule

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