How to Add Email Invoice

You can receive invoice on your email by adding email invoice on Moka Fresh account. 

Here are the steps to add your email invoice:

  1. This notification will be shown on your page.

    Notes: This notification will only pop-out once.


  2. Click Ya, masukkan email sekarang to continue the process of adding email invoice on your account.


    • Click Perbaharui Nanti to postpone adding email on your account.


  3. If clicked Ya, masukkan email sekarang, you will see Email Invoice Belum Diperbaharui on selected outlets to inform that the emails have not been added.

    To continue adding your email, select which outlet you want to add your email. 


    • If clicked Perbaharui Nanti, you will see Harap mengisi email invoice di alamat anda, terimakasih on Moka Fresh homepage.

      Notes: This message will appear if there are outlets that still have not had an email invoice.


  4. Fill out your email on Email Invoice field.

    Notes: You can only use 1 email to receive invoice. 


  5. Once you finish filling up your email, click Simpan Alamat.


  6. After adding your email address, the text Email Invoice Belum Diperbaharui will disappear.


  7. If you have not added your email invoice on your chosen outlet, you will see (-) on the Email invoice.


  8. Once clicked Checkout Invoice, you will receive this notification and will not be able to continue the checkout process.

    To continue the checkout process, click Perbarui Sekarang.

    Notes: If clicked Perbarui Sekarang, repeat steps 4 - 5.


  9. Congratulations! You have successfully added your email invoice.
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