How to Activate Stock Limit Alert

Stock Limit Alert feature serves to remind your cashier not to place an order or item in the shopping cart when the item is out-of-stock. You can still continue placing out-of-stock items in the shopping cart and continue the transaction if override is set to on. 

Notes: This feature will only be activated once your item stock tracking is activated on Moka backoffice and items that are not linked to recipes. Read this article to learn how to activate your item stock tracking

Here are the steps to activate Stock Limit Alert: 

  1. Visit Moka backoffice.

  2. Select ACCOUNT SETTINGS menu.


  3. Choose Checkout.


  4. On the Checkout page, activate the Stock Limit button until the text ON is shown.


  5. To allow placing out-of-stock items to the shopping cart, activate the Allow Override button until the text ON is shown.


  6. You will receive this notification on your device if the item that is placed in the shopping cart is out-of-stock.


    • If Allow Override is activated, you will be able to choose Keep Selling, which will enable you to continue placing the out-of-stock items in the shopping cart.


Congratulations! You have successfully activate the Stock Limit Alert feature.


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