How to Accept Payment with OVO

Good news! Now you can start accepting OVO payments at your outlet. Your cashier can easily choose OVO and ask your customer to input their phone number on Moka App.If you have not activated your e-wallets yet, click here

Notes: If you are experiencing issues while processing mobile payments, click here to continue your payment process.

The latest e-wallets providers are available only on Moka App version: 

  • Moka POS Android v. 15.2 
  • Moka POS IOS v. 25.4
  • Moka App Pay v 2.7
  • Moka App Terminal v 2.0


Here are the steps to accept payments with OVO:

  1. Select OVO Logo during checkout process.


  2. This page will appear on your screen. Ask your customer's phone number and input it on your device.


  3. Wait until your customer confirm the transaction.


  4. If the transaction is successful, choose to print or email the receipt.


  5. If the transaction failed, click Try Again to retry charging or click Cancel to choose a different payment method.

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