Accept Transaction with GO-PAY

Good news! Now your customers can pay using mobile payment GO-PAY at your outlets. The cashier can choose the payment method through the Moka Apps. Before you can accept transaction with GO-PAY, you need to Activate GO-PAY Payment Method on your backoffice.

Notes: If you are experiencing issues while transacting, please read this article here.

This Payment Method GO-PAY requires Moka App:

  • Moka App Android   v.14.7 
  • Moka App IOS  v.25.0 
  • Moka App Pay v 2.5
  • Moka App Terminal v 1.5 

Here are the steps to accept transaction with GO-PAY:

  1. Click GO-PAY logo during check out process.Charge.png
  2. QR Code will appear on your screen. Ask customer to scan QR code using their GO-PAY app.14._Go-Pay_QR_Scan_Copy.png
  3. Wait until your customer confirm the transaction.03B._Normal_Online_Loading_-_GOPAY_Copy.png
  4. After the transaction is successful, choose to print or email the receipt.04B._Transaction_Complete_-_GO-PAY_Copy.png
  5. If the transaction failed, click Try Again to retry charging with GO-PAY or click Cancel to choose a different payment method.Payment_Failed.png
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