Jurnal Integration

The integration with Jurnal can be done by following the instructions below:

  1. Login to Moka Backoffice through https://backoffice.mokapos.com/.

  2. Once you are logged in, open a new tab and go to the link: https://backoffice.mokapos.com/apps/2332/learn-more

  3. Click Get Started and it should open a new window that asks for permission. Confirm all of the permission and click Allow.

  4. After allowing permission, you should be redirected to a page and click Install.

  5. There should be a pop up asking for confirmation. Click Install.

  6. The Jurnal login screen will be open. For new merchants, click Daftar Sekarang. For existing merchant, login with the registered credential.

  7. The Jurnal registration page will be shown. Fill in the credentials and click Daftarkan Akun Baru.

  8. Continue with the registration process by entering the requested information and click Lanjutkan.

  9. Choose the Jurnal package to be subscribed. All of the Jurnal package comes with a free 14-days trial. Click Buat Perusahaan.

  10. The Jurnal setup is completed and it should show the page asking for connection between Moka and Jurnal. Click Izinkan.

  11. It should show a notification “Aplikasi berhasil diinstall” and the Add Ons “MokaPOS Connection” should be visible. Click Buka.

  12. The connection setup is now completed. In order to sync the outlet, click Tambah Pengaturan Baru.

  13. Choose the outlet to be synced.

  14. Complete the setup process and click Simpan.

  15. After the setup process is completed, the outlet name will be listed in “Daftar Pengaturan” page. In order to sync the Master Data, click on the first icon under “Aksi”.

  16. Status of the Master Data sync will be shown under the “Sinkronisasi Terakhir” column. After it is successful, sync the transaction by clicking the second icon under “Aksi”.

  17. Again, the status of the Transaction sync will be shown under “Sinkronisasi Terakhir”.

  18. At this point, the Moka and Jurnal integration process has been completed with all the data and transaction sync completely.

Note: During the initial setup, Jurnal can only sync the transactions that happened H-1 month before. After the initial sync, the transaction data will be pulled from the last time a synchronization happened.

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