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Moka Capital, Solution for Easy Loan Online 

To receive a loan, you have to settle many affairs with the lender. However, having a long process and complicated requirements to get a loan, these factors will delay merchants to develop their business.


Moka Capital, Solusi Mudah Pinjaman Online

Moka collaborated with fintech companies, like Koinworks, which enables Moka Capital exists. Moka Capital is the solution for Moka merchants to get a loan online easily. Moka also collaborated with other fintech companies to provide more online lender options.

Why Moka Capital?

  1. Easy and Quick Application Process 
    There are only 3 simple steps to receive a loan for your business in Moka Capital: Allow Access to Merchant Data, select which fund needed, and upload necessary documents. Allowing access to your data like your sales report is necessary so you do not need to compile sales report again. The whole process to approve loan does not consume too much of your time, which is around 3-5 working days.  

  2. No Collateral 
    Interestingly, when you get a loan online in Moka Capital, you do not give any collateral to your lender. you just need to fulfil the requirements needed on Moka Backoffice and wait for the approval. 

  3. Loan starts from 5 Miu - 2 Miu Rupiah
    Moka Capital offers loan options needed for Merchants according to their needs. The loan starts from 5 miu until 2 miu rupiah and you can appeal in Moka Capital.

  4. Lowest Interest and Loan Period until 18 Months 
    We place the lowest interest to Merchant that starts from 0.75%. Other than this, the loan period can occur up to 18 months.


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