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Moka Capital is a business loan solution for Moka merchants through Moka's financial partners that are license and supervised by the OJK. Through Moka Capital, eligible merchants can easily apply to raise funds to grow their business.

Moka Capital, Solusi Mudah Pinjaman Online

Why Moka Capital?

  1. Easy Application Process 
    Unlike loans through conventional banks, funding from Moka Capital is more practical because the conditions are easy, the documents needed are simple, and do not need collateral and checking accounts. In addition, with the integration of systems between financial partners and the Moka Backoffice, the entire process of submitting funds can be done online anywhere and anytime.

  2. Trustworthy
    All financial partners in Moka Capital are companies that have been licensed and supervised by the OJK. Moka Capital's financial partners consist of P2P lending companies, Banks and Equity Crowdfunding.

  3. Suitable Options
    Moka Capital has a variety of funding options that can suit your business needs, as follows:
    1. Term Loan: A business loan that is suitable for developing your business with a total loan of up to 2 billion Rupiah and a maximum tenor of 2 years.
    2. Credit Line: Flexible loans that can meet the needs of your business's standby funds. Funds can be disbursed at any time up to a total of up to 50 Million Rupiah.
    3. Equity Crowdfunding: Capital funding to expand your business from public investors through the equity crowdfunding method.

Select funding options that fit your business needs and apply for funds to grow your business now. For more information, contact the Moka Capital team via email at or WhatsApp to 081299899970.


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