How to Create Dashboard on Geckoboard

  1. On the Geckoboard page, click Add Widget

  2. On the Data Sources Page, you can pick the data sources, ranging from spreadsheets to many notable platforms. To get data from your Moka account, click Datasets.

  3. The Datasets shown here correspond to the reporting in Moka Backoffice > Reports > Sales. Pick the one you want to visualize.

    Choose Dataset Menu


    Sales Reports in Moka BackOffice

  4. For example, let’s take the report.sales_summary that corresponds to the Sales Summary tab in the Reports side menu. You will be directed to the setup screen.

  5. The setup screen is divided into areas, each with specific purposes.
    • There’s an initial line chart as the default visualization. You can change it by selecting a different one from our visualization selector (highlighted in red).
    • The Dataset Menu (highlighted in blue) will allow you to change the dataset you’re currently using without having to leave this screen
    • In the Setup Area (highlighted in green) & Filter Menu (highlighted in yellow) you will set up and define how to visualize the dataset.
    • Any changes to this section will be displayed on the Live Preview screen (highlighted in purple) to the right.

  6. Dataset Menu
    To understand why your data is shown the way it is, it would be helpful to preview the structure of the original dataset. You can access this preview from the dataset menu.

    The dataset preview displays the dataset as a spreadsheet, showing 30 records. The names of the fields will correspond to the data on Moka Backoffice > Reports > Sales. Check the images below to compare it (in this case using Sales Summary data).

    Sales Summary dataset Preview



    Sales Summary in Moka Backoffice

  7. Setup Area
    On the Setup Area, here are the important things to be modified :
    • Metric: Field
      Choose on which metric to be shown on this menu. You can also “Add Metric” to compare two metrics (for example to compare Gross Sales & Net Sales).

    • Metric: Split
      With this option, you can split your data based on available metrics, such as splitting Gross Sales based on Outlet Name, Category Name, etc.

      Here is an example of visualization of split & unsplit metric from Category Sales Dataset.

      The gross sales of overall categories


      Build_-_7b3.pngThe gross sales split by each category

    • X-axis
      The X-axis can be bucketed by daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

      If using Column or Bar chart, then the X-axis can show fields as well. Here is an example of Bar Chart, using Payment Method Datasets, with Payment Type as the field. 

  8. Filter menu
    Filter menu is useful to focus your dashboard to certain data point. For example, it can be used to monitor the sales of specific items, the amount you spent on specific discount, or the sales growth of specific outlet.

    • Click + add filter  on the Filter Menu to get started.
    • Choose which field to be used as the filter (For example, Category Name).
    • Input the desired name (For example, Category A)
    • Click Apply

      Here is an example of visualization of unfiltered & filtered metric from Category Sales Dataset.


      The overall Gross Sales of all categories


      The gross sales of “Dessert” & “Light Bites” categories only

      In addition, the timespan can also be filtered. Simply click the Timespan Filter and choose the desired one. For example, if “Past 7 Days” is chosen, then only the data from the past 7 days is shown.


  9. All the important part is covered on the steps above, but if more information is needed, please consult to Geckoboard’s detailed guide here.

    If there is a specific question that is still not covered, it is advisable to ask the Geckoboard support team directly :
    • Open the main dashboard
    • Click the Help on the top right
    • Click Talk to us
    • Click New Conversation
    • Ask you question and the Geckoboard Team will soon reply


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