How to Sync Bill Offline

Feature Requirement

  1. iPad 5 or above is recommended to be able to run Offline Sync feature seamlessly, especially for Host and for client you can use iPad Mini 3 or iPad Air 1.
  2. Works seamlessly in Moka Full Enterprise network configuration.
  3. All devices should use kiosk mode to make sure process sync run seamlessly.
    Host devices should always active; if host device off / sleep then all client devices will be disconnected.
  4. Work seamless up to 4 devices.
  5. Only one host is allowed in the same networking.

Feature Configuration

This feature allows the bill still synchronize to another device even though in offline networking. To be able to use Offline Sync feature, you need to activate Table Management feature since Offline Sync feature is a part of Table Management.  Before you start use this feature, you need to set up Host and Client on your devices by using same networking.

Setup Host

  1. Open Settings > Offline Sync
  2. Turn on Synchronize Bills Offline

  3. Turn on Set as a Host


  4. Now your Host device is ready to use, next step is you need to setup your client on another device and all devices that connected with Host’s devices will show under Connected Devices section like image below

Setup Client

  1. Open Settings > Offline Sync
  2. Turn on Synchronize Bills Offline
  3. Select Connect to a Host

  4. You can select Connect Automatically as first option otherwise you can connect to the host manually by inputting the Host Ip address.
    • Connect Automatically

    • Connect Manually

  5. Connection Successful pop up screen will show whenever connect to the Host is succeed and this feature is ready to use.


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