How to Find Product on Moka Fresh

Finding product through the search feature 

You can find the product that you want through the search feature available on Moka Fresh page (on Backoffice to Moka Fresh menu). 



Finding product through categories 

You can find the product that you want by search the category of the product.




Finding product through the recommendation list 

Moka Fresh provides a list of products that is searched by most merchants. 



Finding product details

You can access the product details on the thumbnail. On the product detail page, you can find product details, shipping schedule, and storage tips (if available).


Finding product based on supplier name 

Now, you are not able to see the list of products based on the name of the supplier yet. However, you can identify the origin of the product on the checkout page. On the checkout page, these products are grouped automatically based on each supplier products. Therefore, you can track the shipping cost that you have to pay.  






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