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What is Moka Fresh?


Moka Fresh is Moka POS new initiative, specifically for businesses who are in Jakarta area and run in Food & Beverages (F&B) industry. Moka Fresh becomes Moka POS B2B (Business to Business) main platform, which connects suppliers who provide ingredients for and to your business. 


Through Moka Fresh, we hope you will receive the ingredients needed for your business on time and the service is satisfactory.

Moka Fresh holds 4 main pillars as the principle of Moka Fresh service:

  • Provide the best price
  • Provide the best quality products 
  • Provide complete variable products
  • Increase purchasing security experience  


How to Access Moka Fresh

Moka Fresh can be accessed through Backoffice Moka POS.


Moka Fresh can be accessed through any browser, however the best display one can experience through Google Chrome application newest version.

Moka Fresh Account

You are not required to create a new account to join Moka Fresh program. All of Moka POS users can access Moka Fresh using your Moka POS account. 

Moka Fresh Application

Now, Moka Fresh only can be accessed through internet browser. This application will be released soon on both Android dan iOS.


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