How to Create Transaction

After completing setting up your printer, you can create transaction in several ways by following the steps below:

How to Transact Directly

Here are the steps:

  1. Choose items that you want to put in shopping cart.

  2. Click Pay.

  3. Choose payment methods as your customers request, then click Pay.

  4. You can send out the receipt by email, phone number, or print the receipt.



How to Save and Print Bill

Below are the steps to save and print bill:

  1. Choose menu POINT-OF-SALES.

  2. After putting items into shopping cart, click billing icon on the top right corner.

  3. Click Save Bill.

  4. Put the billing name. For example, "Table 1".

  5. Click Save. If you activate ordering ticket printing, your ticket will be printed automatically.


  6. To add order in open bill, click Open Bill and choose that bill.

  7. After adding order, click Save Bill.

    Notes: Ordering ticket will be printed automatically if there is an additional order on that bill. Please notify that removed item cannot be printed in ordering tickets. We suggest you communicate directly to your kitchen or bar staff for order cancellation. Tiket pesanan akan dicetak secara otomatis jika terdapat pesanan tambahan pada bill.

  8. To print bill, click Open Bill dan choose the bill you want to print out.

  9. Click Open Bill, then click Print Bill



How to Use Custom Amount

Here are the steps of using custom amount:

  1. Choose menu CUSTOM AMOUNT

  2. Put the item price you want to add in shopping cart.

  3. Click "+" to add item in shopping cart.


Congratulations! You have successfully created transaction.

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