How to Create Order on Moka Fresh

Get to know shopping cart

With the shopping cart, you can track which product you have chosen for the checkout process. Inside the shopping cart, all of the products have not been categorised based on supplier of each products. 

What can you do in this page:

  • See the list of products that you have put inside
  • Delete products from the shopping cart 
  • Manage the quantity of products inside the shopping cart


Note: You can access your order that you have created before from any account as long as it belongs in the same business. For example, your restaurant named "Restoran Moka" have three accounts: one belongs to the owner; one belongs to the Meruya manager; and the other belongs to the Sudirman Manager. Meruya manager account can see the list of orders made by the owner or the other manager. This applies vice versa.

But, the shopping cart is different. The one who can the shopping list is the one who place the order. Each account have their own shopping cart. After checkout, the order is visible to other accounts.


Checkout order 

After managing your shopping cart, you need to confirm your order on the checkout page. Here are the things you can do in this page:

  • Select the shipping address for the order
  • Choose the shipping date (open for 3 days after the order is placed, except on Sunday). For some products, the order might require more days to be shipped. 
  • Check the quantity and the price of the selected product. If you want to change the quantity, return to the shipping cart page to adjust the quantity order. 
  • Check the delivery fees of each supplier
  • Provide notes to each supplier



Once you are sure with your order, click the button Checkout Invoice.

Note: You cannot cancel the orders that you have made. Order will be cancelled if supplier ran out of stock and merchant agree to cancel the order.



Select payment method 

Now, all Moka Fresh users can only select Invoicing payment method.


Minimum order

There is no minimum order in Moka Fresh. Merchants can purchase any amount they want. '


Check product stock

Currently, product stock information is not available yet on Moka Fresh. If the product stock of the product you ordered runs out, Customer Experience Moka Fresh will inform this to the buyer and offer two options:  

  • Change shipping date
  • Cancel order 


Order and shipping time limitation 

  • Order that is placed on Monday until Friday and before 3 o'clock will be sent H+1 after the order is created, except for some products (listed on product description). 
  • If the order is placed after 3 o'clock, it will be sent H+2 after the order is created. 
  • Shipping is conducted from Monday to Saturday. Order that is placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday and sent on Tuesday (different conditions applied on different products and different supplier). 


Shipping Time 

Normally, shipping is conducted on Monday until Saturday. Specifically for Sunday and national holiday, supplier usually will not process the shipping. 





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