How to Complete Account and Receipt Details

On Moka POS, you can provide receipt to your customers who needed. Of course, you also want your customers to remember your outlet by placing the name of your business and its logo inside the receipt.

  1. Sign in to your Backoffice.
  2. Open menu Account Settings > Public Profile. If you cannot find menu Account. Settingsscroll below to find the menu.

  3. Here is the Public Profile page.


    (1) You can upload your business logo. the size of the logo should be at 140x140 pixel and 250kB.
    (2) Insert the name of your business.
    (3) Insert your business address.
    (4) Insert your business mobile number.
    (5) Insert your business email address.
    (6) You can also insert your social media address. This column will appear on the receipt given to the customers.
  4. After inserting these data, click the button Save to apply changes.
  5. Open menu Account Settings > Public Profile.
  6. You can insert detailed information on every outlet you have on the Outlet Info section to show the detailed information on the receipt. Other than this, you can also insert additional information on the Notes column like the slogan or wifi password.
  7. Afterwards, click the button Save to apply changes.
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