How to Create Item

Before start selling, you have to create item first on Backoffice. Here are the steps:

    1. Sign in to your Backoffice.
    2. Open menu Library > Item Library.
    3. Click the button Create Item on the top right corner.
    4. Afterwards, you will be directed to item data page. 


        (1) You can insert the image of your product to appear on the Moka POS application.

    (2) Insert the name of the item, then ensure the name of the item inserted is different from the other.(3) You can insert item according to the category you want.(4) Insert the price (in IDR) and SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

    1. Click the button Add Variant if you have more than one item types. Click the button Add Variant again to add new column.
      For example: Chicken Fried Rice, Beef Fried Rice, Seafood Fried Rice. 


    1. Click the button Save to apply changes.
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