Change Customer on the Shopping Cart

You can change or remove your customer info on the shopping cart.

  1. In order to change or remove your customer, click on On.png besides Customer Info attached in the shopping cart.


  2. Once it has been clicked, the customer profile page will show up.
  3. Tap Remove from Sale button to remove the customer from the shopping cart once.
  4. Tap Remove from Sale button once more to confirm to remove the customer from the shopping cart.



  5. After you tap on Remove from Sale, it will redirect to Search Customer page.
  6. Search the customer you want to add to the shopping cart or you can click Back.png to continue transaction without attach the customer to shopping cart.


  7. After you select the new customer, tap on Add to Sale button to attach the customer info to the shopping cart.
  8. The new customer information will be attached to the shopping cart.



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