Add Customer Information to Shopping Cart

Add New Customer Information to understand your customer purchase behaviour.

  1. Open Point of Sale Menu
  2. Click Shopping Cart logo Shopping_Cart.png on top right page.
  3. Tap +Add Customer logo Add_Customer.png on the shopping cart page.



  4. Tap Create a New Customer to add new customer


  5. Fill out customer profile such as:
      • Name: Fill out with customer name. (e.g Danu)
      • Phone: Fill out with customer phone number (e.g 0800011164)
      • Email: Fill out with customer email (e.g
      • Birthday: Fill out with customer birthday date.
      • Gender: Choose between Male or Female
      • Address: Fill out customer street address
      • City: Fill out customer city
      • Province: Fill out customer province
      • Postcode: Fill out customer postcode

    Note: Phone number is mandatory.

  6. Tap Save button and it will directly add customer info in the shopping cart.



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