How to Activate Receipt Queue Number

This feature allows you to print Queue Number on Order Ticket and Receipt. The queue number is a sequential number starting from 1 and will increase by 1 for every new transaction. Queue number will reset to 1 again on the next day.

To use Queue Number, you need to turn it on in the Printer Settings page. Here is the steps to activate Queue Number:

  1. Open Settings > Printers.

  2. Select on available/connected printer > Turn on Queue Number.1.png
  3. After you activate the Queue Number feature, the queue number will be shown in every receipt and order ticket that you print:

    Queue Number on Receipt

  4.  Queue Number on Order Ticket.


We do not print Queue Number on:

  • Printed Bills
  • Invoice Receipts
  • Canceled Invoice Receipts


  • This feature in only available on iPad and Tablet.
  • Queue number will not sync to other devices, therefore using more than 1 device in 1 outlet will cause duplicate queue number.
  • Reinstall Moka app will reset the queue number to 1 again.
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