Edit Item to Have Multiple Price per Sales Type

Sales type is mandatory; please make sure to create sales type before proceed further (see how to create sales type here). Once you have sales type, “Apply multiple price per sales type” checkbox will be appeared in Item Library menu.

  1. Go to Library > Item Library.

  2. Click on item that you want to have multiple price to open the item details.

  3. Click Apply multiple price per sales type checkbox.

  4. Fill in the price for each of sales type table. If your item has a barcode, add the barcode in the SKU field.

  5. Click the checklist on Manage Sales Type to enable / disable sales type on an item.

  6. If your item has more than one variant (such as size variants), click Add Variant > Add, and fill in the desired variant information.

  7. Click Save to save to current outlet or Save to All Outlets to create the item for all outlets.
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