E-Wallet Activation

Activate mobile payment from your backoffice so your customers can pay with their E-Wallet app.


  • E-Wallet requires Moka App v.10.6 (Android tablet only) or v.20.0 (iPad) or higher
  • For GO-PAY activation, you can click this link
  1. Go to Account Settings.
  2.  Payment Method.
  3. Select the E-Wallet(s) that you want to activate, check the acknowledgement box, and then click Continue.


  4. Fill the required form with your KTP number, NPWP number (optional), and KTP name.
    • Business Name – this will be already prefilled (please note if you change your business name here, it will not change your registered business name in Moka)
    • KTP number – mandatory
    • NPWP number – optional
    • KTP name – mandatory


  5. Fill in Bank Account Information (you can skip this step if you have assigned ALL your outlets to a bank account)

    • Bank name – mandatory (BCA, Mandiri)
    • Account number – mandatory
    • Bank account holder name – mandatory

    Once you are done filling in, click Add Bank Account.


  6. Click Assign


  7. Select outlets to assign to this bank account. If you want assign other outlets to a different bank account, repeat step 4-6.


  8. Once you have filled in all required information and assigned ALL OUTLETS to a bank account, click Submit.


  9. Your E-Wallet should be active in 2-3 working days (except for GO-PAY)


  10. Click the Shows Details button to check the approval status of each E-Wallet


    To learn how to start accepting transactions from E-Wallet, click here: https://help.mokapos.com/hc/en-us/sections/360001943234-E-Payment-Method
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