Upload Purchase Order Ingredient Using Bulk Import

This allows you to to place an order from your supplier in order to add stock to your ingredients in bulk import without having to create purchase orders for each individual ingredient. Through this, you can create purchase order with multiple ingredients and multiple outlets in the same time.

  1. Go to Inventory > Purchase Order > Select Ingredients.


  2. Click Import > Import PO.


  3. Click Download Our Template.


  4. Open the file saved to your computer using Excel.

  5. Fill in Supplier Email column (column C) to request and send order ingredients by email to your supplier. (Keep it blank if you don’t have supplier email)

  6. Fill in Order column (column H) to input your order quantity of your ingredients.

  7. Fill in Unit Cost column (column I) to input the unit cost of your ingredients.

    Note: Please do not edit any other columns


  8. Save the edited CSV file to your computer.

  9. Drag and drop the CSV file into the upload area or click on the upload area.

  10. Click Upload.

The status of your purchase order is Created (do not worry you are still allowed to edit your ingredients after doing import PO), then like the current flow you have to fulfil one by one on Purchase Order page when your ingredients already received.

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