How to Sync Bill Online

Sync Bill Online feature allows you to manage a process order and payment in your outlet from different devices. For example, a restaurant might has two different Stations; Order Station to create and Edit an order and Checkout Station to process the checkout transaction. The order bill that you have created from the order station will be synchronized and appeared in the checkout station.

Now you do not have to worry to lose your open bill because, once the open bill is made, it will be backed up automatically into your device. This feature also allows you, manager or owner, to check deleted bills that your staff has deleted.

To make sure this feature works properly, we advise you few things to follow:

  1. This feature does not support for cross platform device, it means open bill that is created in iOS platform is unable to be accessed in Android platform and only works with the same platform devices.

  2. We recommend you to set your devices into two different stations, one station for creating and editing order and the others for processing the payment only. You can also set few devices into order station and we advise you that every ordering station has its own area and do not update bill that created by another ordering station. This setup will make your order list and transaction are more clear and prevent the missing order.

  3. In order to sync the order station to checkout station, it is important that you have stable internet connection because all the open bill you have created in the order station will be synchronized automatically by system. There are several icon that will be shown in open bill screen in order to determine what status for that bill, the icon that shows such as:


There will be two warning alerts in open bill to inform you if the open bill is not sync yet:

  • Please check your internet connection to complete sync process
    This alert will be shown if there is unsynced open bill in no availability internet connection.

  • Pull down to complete sync process
    This alert will be shown if there is unsynced open bill in availability internet connection.

This feature works on Android user start from version 9.3 and for iPad user coming soon.


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