How to View Refund Items on Shift

The Print End Shift feature allows you to check refunded items summary of every shift period. You can check it when you are in the middle of the running shift or after the shift ended.

  1. Tap on the Menu icon on the bottom left corner, then select Shift.

    • To see the refunded items summary of the running shift, tap on Current Shift.

    • To see the refunded items summary after ended shift, tap on Shift History, then choose the shift you want to see under the Closed Shifts.

      Note: You can also see the refunded items summary of the running shift by choosing the active shift under the Open Shifts.

  2. Tap on Refunded Items to check how many items refunded during the shift.

  3. On the Refunded Items page, you will be able to see the summary of what item and how many items have refunded during the shift.
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