How to Modify Active Table Group

On the case when you want to modify an active table group but fear that it may impact the layout used in operation, you can do so by duplicating the desired existing table group. The resulting copy will have the Inactive status, so it will not be shown in the device.

Here is the step by step in detail:

  1. From your Backoffice, go to Table Management > Table Group.

  2. Click or hover on a table group that you wish to modify.

  3. Click the Duplicate icon and Click Confirm to Duplicate button on the pop-up page.

  4. The resulting copy would have “Copy” attached to the name, for example “Floor 1 - Copy”.

  5. Click on the new table group and press the Table Map icon to modify the Table Map.

  6. After the new table group is modified, you can delete the old table group by clicking the old table group then click Delete icon on the bottom.

  7. Rename the new table group by clicking the new table group to remove the “Copy” in the Table Group Name, and activate it’s status by clicking the Status button.
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