How to Take Order via Table Map on App

You can take order via Table Map without knowing the customer name. 

Here is the steps to take order via Table Map on Moka App:

How to Take Order by Selecting The Table First

Here is the steps to take order by selecting the Table first:

  1. Open Moka App. 

  2. Visit TABLE MAP.

  3. Select the vacant tables. 


  4. Input the number of customer (pax) who will seat at the table and appoint a server for the table. 

  5. Click Confirm.


  6. You will be directed to menu POINT OF SALE. The table number will appear on the shopping cart. 


  7. Place your customer's order on the shopping cart.

  8. Click Charge to continue the payment process or click Save Bill to save order. 


How to Take Order via Shopping Cart For Table Map

  1. Open Moka App. 

  2. Visit POINT OF SALE.

  3. Input items to the shopping cart. 

  4. Click Save Bill.


  5. Select a vacant table, then click Continue.

    Note: Click Save As Bill to save bill without assigning on a table.

  6. Input the number of customers (pax) and assign a server for the table. 

  7. Click Continue.


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