How to View Table Group on App

To ease the checking for the available seats and the taking of order for food and beverage type business, the Table Management feature offers visualisation for seating arrangement.

This feature works for iPad user with iOS version 15.0 or the latest version and for Android user coming soon.

  1. From you Moka POS app, tap on the menu icon on the bottom left corner, then select Table Map.

  2. To see and/or manage between table group, you can slide on the bottom menu and tap the table group you wish to see. The currently shown table group is highlighted in dark blue.

  3. The color status indicate the vacancy of the table.
    • White background, means that it is vacant.
    • Red background, means that it is occupied with customer who already order.
    • Light red background, means that is occupied with customer who have not order.

  4. The time shown under each table indicates how long the customer had stayed at your restaurant.

  5. To bring up the Table Menu, tap one of the occupied table and a pop up menu will be shown.13.png

  6. Click on View Cart on the pop up menu to go directly to the Point of Sale menu. You can view the order saved at the table and also proceed to add order or to charge.
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