How to Track Petty Cash Expenses

Sometimes in running the store, you may need to use the cash in the drawer to purchase miscellaneous items. You can record this in the shift management feature so that your expected ending cash for the shift will match the actual ending cash in the drawer.

1. Tap on the “Menu” icon on the bottom left corner, then select Shift.

2. Tap Current Shift.

3. Tap on the “Arrow” button on “Expense/Income”. Note that this option is only available if you have started shift.

4. Type in the “Description” field. For example, you may type in “Restock Milk from Supermarket”.

5. Select whether it is an “Income” or “Expense”. In the example above, select “Expense”.

6. Enter the amount spent in the “Enter Amount” field.

7. Tap Submit > Confirm.

Congratulations! You have successfully tracked your petty cash expenses.

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