Collect Payment with Moka mPOS Card Reader

Increase sales by accepting debit and credit cards using Moka mPOS.

1. Make sure that the Moka mPOS Card Reader has been paired and activated.

2. Tap the Charge button on the shopping cart.

3. Tap Pay with mPOS.

4. Enter the 4-digit "Sta PIN" that should have been sent to your registered email. If you have not received  the Sta PIN email, check your spam folder or email

5. Wait for the Card Reader to say "Insert or Swipe Card".

6. If your debit/credit cards are chip-enabled, insert into the bottom side of the card reader. Otherwise, swipe the card on the rear-top magnetic swiper.

7. Press the green button to proceed.

8. If the card is PIN-enabled, key in the PIN on the card reader. Otherwise, sign directly on the iPad and tap Accept Signature.

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