How to Save Bill on App

Save a bill if your customer wants to pay later. You can always bring back the bill to modify or process checkout.

1. After adding items to shopping cart, go to Open Bill by tapping on the Bill icon on the top right corner.
2. Tap Save Bill.
3. Enter the name of the bill. For example, "Table 1".
4. Tap Save. If you enable order ticket printing, the order ticket will print automatically


5. To modify an open bill, tap on the Open Bill icon and select the bill you want to bring back.
6. After making changes to the bill, go to Open Bill again and tap Save Bill. The order ticket will print automatically for any additions to the bill. Note that items that are deleted will not be printed on the order ticket. We recommend that you communicate directly to the staffs in the kitchen or bar for cancellation of items.

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