Setup mPOS Card Reader

Moka mPOS Card Reader allows you to accept any debit or credit cards with a Visa or
Mastercard logo.
1. Go to your Android smartphone's settings and tap Bluetooth.
2. Tap "Search for Devices".
3. Press and hold on the "F1" button on Moka mPOS Card Reader to enable Bluetooth detection.
4. The card reader should appear on your Android device as "ST" followed by the last 8 digits
of the card reader serial number found at the back of the card reader. Select to pair Moka mPOS Card Reader to your Android device.

5. Open Moka App, tap on the "Menu" icon on the top left corner, then select Settings.
6. Tap Card Reader.
7. Tap Initialize.
8. Enter the "Activation Code" that should have been sent to you when you requested for Moka mPOS Card Reader. Check your spam folder if you have not received it, or email
9. Tap Activate.

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