How to Create Item Manually

Items created in Moka Backoffice will appear in Moka App, so that you or your staffs can make
transactions. You will be able to see what items are selling in the reports. Creating items
manually is recommended if you have fewer than 50 items. Otherwise, creating items using
Excel Import is more efficient.

Here are the steps to create item manually.

1. Go to LIBRARY.

2. Click Item Library.

3. Click Create Item on the top right corner.



4. Fill in the item information (Item Name, Category, and Image). If you have an image, we suggest using a square, high-resolution image.



5. Fill in the price. If your item has a bar code, add the SKU in the SKU field.


6. If your item has more than one variant (such as size variants), click Add Variant, and fill in the desired variant information.


7. Click Start Tracking Item Inventory and Alerts if you want to track inventory for the item. Fill in the current stock in the In Stock field and the alert level in the Alert At field. You will receive a daily summary of items that have reached the alert level if you subscribe to the Inventory Alerts email.



8. If you have created item modifiers, select the Modifier that you want to assign to the item.


9. Click Save to save to current outlet or Save to All Outlets to create the item for all outlets.



Congratulations! You have successfully created item manually.

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