Add Item to Shopping Cart

This allows you to add customer orders to the shopping cart for checkout.

From Library page

1. Go to the Library page by tapping on the "Library" button.


2. You can search for an item directly by typing into the "Search" bar at the top. You can also tap

on the category to view the list of items in that category.

3. Tap on the item you wish to add.

4. If the item has modifiers or more than one variant, select the variant and modifiers you wish to apply to the item. You may also apply discounts directly from this page and add notes to the item.

5. Click Add.


From Custom Amount page

1. Go to the Custom Amount page by clicking on the "NumPad" button.


2. Type in the amount you wish to add.

3. Tap the "+" button to add the custom item to the shopping cart.

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