How to End Shift

This allows you to end a current shift, so that you can reconcile your sales before starting a new shift.

1. Tap on the “Menu” icon on the bottom left corner, then select Shift.

2. Tap Current Shift.

3. Tap End Shift

4. On the End Shift pop-up, you will be able to see a summary of the cash transactions during the shift. On the "Actual Ending Cash" line, enter the actual amount of cash that is in the drawer. The di erence will automatically be calculated.

5. Tap Confirm End Shift.

6. The shift has ended and the shift report can be viewed in Moka Back-office.

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  • kekurangan app ini tidak ada pengaturan jamnya tutup toko atau end shift jam 00.00 keatas dia muncul lagi penjualan diatas jam 00.00 diback office disift yg baru di ke esokan harinya. kacau jadinya saya yg tutup toko diatas jam 00.00. jamnya hanya otomatis mengikuti tanggal. tolong disampaikan pada programer moka agar diupdate kembali supaya ada pengaturan jam tutup tokonya. trima kasih

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