How to Manage Email Notification

By using Moka POS, you can always keep an eye on sales activities anytime and anywhere, one of them is through the daily email notification feature. To be able to activate this feature, the following are the steps:

1. Login to your Back-office account, then select the Account Settings menu on the sidebar menu. Select Email Notification.


2. In the Manage Email Notification section, you can choose what notifications you want to get via email by pressing the On / Off button on each type of notification:

  • By activating the Daily Sales Summary notification, you will receive an email with a summary of sales reports every day.
  • By activating Inventory Alerts notifications, you will receive a daily notification email when the item has started to thin out or empty.
  • By activating the Promo Update Notification notification, you will receive an email notification regarding attractive offers related to MokaPOS products.

3. In the Manage Recipient Alert Email section, select Add Email Recipient and enter the email address of the recipient who wants to receive email notifications.


4. The registered account will receive an email from MokaPOS containing a link to verify the email address. Click the Verify Email option

5. After the email has been verified, all registered email addresses will receive daily email notifications that are activated


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