How to Activate Tax and Gratuity

You can set additional taxes and fees for each customer transaction through the Moka POS application if you have activated this feature.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Login to Moka backoffice.

  2. Open menu ACCOUNT SETTINGS. 


  3. Click Checkout.


  4. In the Tax and Gratuity Settings section, you can activate taxes by clicking the On/Off button at the Enable Tax section or at the Enable Gratuity section to activate additional fees.


  5. On this page, you can also determine whether the price listed on the item list includes taxes and additional fees.

  • If you select "Include Tax and Gratuity to Item Price", the price stated in the Item Library must be the price that includes taxes and desired additional costs.
  • If you select "Add Tax and Gratuity to Item Price", the price in the Item Library must be the price excluding taxes and additional fees, because the system will automatically add taxes and additional fees on customer bills.

Congratulations! You have successfully activated tax and gratuity.

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