Create Ingredients by Using Bulk Import

Before you can manage and monitor the ingredient inventory and create a recipe, it is necessary to create the ingredient first. If you have more than 50 ingredients, we advise you to use bulk import to create it.

  1. Go to Ingredient > Ingredient Library.
  2. Click Import/Export > Import Ingredients on the top right corner.
  3. Select Modify Ingredient Library to add new ingredients and update existing ingredients, or Replace Ingredient Library to delete all existing ingredients and replace them with your uploaded ingredients.

  4. Click Next > Download Our Template.
  5. Open the file saved to your computer using Excel.
  6. Fill in the template columns with your ingredient information:
    • Leaving the category field blank will leave the ingredient as Uncategorized.
    • New categories will be created for any new categories identified in the category column.
    • Leaving the “Ingredient - Track Stock” blank in Alert column will default the "Track Stock" to off. Place a "Y" if you would like to track stock for this ingredient.
    • Leaving the "COGS - Track Cost" blank will default the "Track Cost" to off. Place a "Y" if you would like to track cost for this ingredient.
    • Fill in the “Cost Amount” if you track Cost for the ingredient.
  7. Save the edited CSV file to your computer.
  8. Drag and drop the CSV file into the upload area or click on the upload area.
  9. Click Upload.
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