How to Create Recipes

Once you have all your ingredients created, you can attach the ingredients to the items and start to create a recipe.

  1. Login to Moka's backoffice.



  3. Click Recipes


  4. Click Create Recipe on the top right corner.


  5. Select Item that you will create the recipe (for example: Es Krim).


  6. Choose the variant item, if there is any.

  7. Click Add Ingredient to start adding ingredients to recipe.


  8. Input Ingredient Name and quantity that used for your recipes. If the ingredient has Tracked COGS, automatically amount of avg cost will be calculated according to the number of quantity. formula = quantity*avg cost ingredient

  9. Click Add button and the ingredient that added will appear on Recipe section.


  10. If you want to know the amount of avg cost (cogs) for your recipe, it will appear as Total Avg Cost. Total Avg Cost is dynamic, the amount will be calculated according from sum of all ingredient on your recipe.

  11. Click Add Ingredient to add more ingredients.

  12. Click Save to save to current outlet or Save to All Outlets to create the recipe for all outlets.


Additional Information:

  • If your recipe consists of one or all ingredients that already tracked COGS, then the avg cost amount of your recipe will be connected for that item. You can check it on Item Library and look at the Cost section.
  • Item that associated with ingredient can not be deleted until you remove the recipe manually.

Congratulations! You have successfully created recipe.

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